The teen years are challenging. Don't let yours be held back by just surviving. Your teen was designed for more. It's time to THRIVE!

We want our teens to THRIVE!

  • AUTHENTICITYBelieve in WHO they are and own self-respect
  • INTENTION Embrace a confident mindset and take charge of their dreams
  • PASSION Explore their interests, grow, and live their life with purpose

RESULT:  The power to control what they can, and the wisdom to handle what they can’t. Change the course of their young life to grow into adulthood with strength and courage.

No one wants them to live in survival mode

  • SELF-DOUBT Trying to find their ‘identity’ through others
  • A LIMITED MINDSET Believing that they can’t do anything better
  • DETACHMENT – Not feeling inspired to make the most of their life

RESULT: Letting their emotions take the wheel, accepting whatever life throws at them, and hoping for the best as they go through their teenage years into adulthood.

What is an Entrepreneurial Thinking Teen?

An entrepreneurial thinker doesn't mean having to start a business. Although they could. Rather, it is a MINDSET, not a business model.


Embraces self-love and relies on their internal values and gut to guide decision-making


Thinks and acts differently when challenges arise and utilizes failure as a growth gift


Identifies passions, strategizes next steps, and takes ACTION towards their vision


Chooses POSITIVE relationships with peers, mentors, and those they wish to serve

About Us

The teen years can be so wildly powerful. At no other time in life does your brain ignite such levels of creativity, passion, and adventure! Yet also is challenged as we; long to be seen and heard, wrestle with emotions, make decisions, and navigate the social landscape.

This is Firefly Quest, where your teen will learn to embrace their unique spirit with confidence, strive to go after their passions, rebound with vigor from failure, and surround themselves with positive people. Let's banish self-doubt now and empower our children to become the Entrepreneur of Self and THRIVE.


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Emily fake pic
I feel super confident about myself now. I am the one who dictates my life.
I was struggling with social anxiety and my mental health. I was insecure and I kept worrying about what other people thought of me, even if they were strangers. I was also nervous about people judging me in high school, especially since I came from a small private school, and I didn't know anyone there.The lessons and values I learned through the program related to me. It taught me how other people's opinions don't matter and how I should focus on myself and my goals. I learned ways to get myself into a positive mindset and attitude, which had a positive effect on me and my surroundings. I know how to focus on the greater aspects of life, rather than the negative parts that hold me back from achieving my dreams and goals. This program was a great opportunity to truly find myself and my goals and to learn to be grateful for the people and things in life that support me.
_Emily H,14 year old
April fake pic
My teen gained more confidence and mental positivity.
To my surprise, Emily loved this program. She joined the class each day without me having to remind her, and completed every challenge assigned. There were times she had other conflicts, but she would prioritize this over the others. I asked why she liked this class and what she got out of it, she told me that Susan and her assistant listened to the problems that bothered her and offered perspectives and advice that helped her focus on herself and things that she can control, rather than how other people think of her. I can tell that it gave Emily more confidence and helped her get into a positive mentality to face challenges in the future. Both myself and my daughter are super happy with the outcome of this program and believe Susan and her team are on a great cause to help teens get mentally strong to achieve their best in their lives.
_April T,Parent of 14 year old
Stefan D - Students & Coach
Susan is the support that you want in your teen’s corner.
During the many years that I have known Susan, first as a student and then as a coach in her programs, I have been enriched and inspired by her enthusiasm for those she coaches. She has consistently led me out of comfort zones and into confidence with a kind and understanding style that can make any teen excited to grow. I credit Susan’s programs with giving me the tools that positively shape so much of my own mindset and I have only the highest recommendations for her thoughtful approach.
_Stefan D.,Student/Coach
Susan inspires teens to see new growth potential and supports their obtaining of it.
She has committed her entire life to helping others succeed. Her coaching style is the perfect blend of listening and leading. Our son, Ryan, was a student through her programs and always looked forward to attending her classes because she made learning fun, engaging and interesting. Grateful for all that she offers!
_Lesa Turner,Parent
Jean Loven
Teaches strategies, but directs to a path of self-love
I have had the opportunity to work with Susan as a colleague for many years. What stands out is her unrelenting desire to do what is best for kids. Her life experiences qualify her to intuitively see into the heart and soul of her students.  Her programs not only engage her students, but helps them make thoughtful decisions and personal life choices, as well as realize their value in this media-driven life. I highly recommend this program to not only learn strategies, and direct teens to a path of self-love.  
_Jean Loven,Education Specialist


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