Hi, I’m Susan Naranjo

Founder of Firefly Quest. Welcome!

I was a teen once, I’ve raised 3 teens (now young adults), and I’ve been an educator for over 35 years. Through all of this I have found that banishing self-doubt and embracing your beautiful one and only self is KEY to having the confidence to become the entrepreneur of yourself and live a thriving life. 

My mission is to empower youth to embody their wellspring of confidence and develop the skills to navigate the challenges that will come with a positive growth mindset while they are young. I believe our youth, given the proper tools, are going to be the positive change in the world going forward.


MY EXPERIENCE comes from a life well lived, not without struggle, but learning through it all. It’s taken a lifetime to bring me to this place of knowing what I want and need for myself, and what my purpose is in this world.

My purpose is to love and support all those who cross my path. To empower them to love and live as their best self. And I believe that I have the training, skills, experience, and passion to be a force for good.

MY VISION is to transform the lives of teens who are in a time of life where wonder, creativity, innovation, and passion are at full force. I believe that having the tools to thrive at such a young age will change the trajectory of the adults who they will grow into and, therefore, be the generation that celebrates, values and embraces the beauty of each individual’s greatness.

I know. BIG vision. But anything is possible when you believe and go for it!


  • Teaching Credential + ESL, California State University, Fullerton
  • Professional Certification, Seattle Pacific University
  • Public Elementary Education (6 yrs), Southern California
  • Director/Teacher of Academically Talented Program + Speech Team Coach (14 yrs), Bellevue, WA
  • Founder/Director, Grasshopper Enrichment Education (2009-present), Woodinville, WA
  • Teen Mentor, Global Youth Leadership Summit, Tony Robbins Foundation
  • Devoted & proud mom of three amazing, unique, talented, responsible and happy young adults (bragging rights!)

My kiddos! Ryan, Gillian and Kyle

My granddoggie! Meet Halle!


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